Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Moving endorsement by special father and author Patrick Coffin

On the Feast of the Triumph of the Cross, I came across Catholic author and radio host Patrick Coffin's exquisitely written article on the brief life and death of his little daughter Naomi Rose who was born with a rare chromosomal anomaly. I asked for the privilege of publishing his story in the sequel to my book, since we are nearing publication, and he consented, if the publishers of Lay Witness Magazine in which it was published, agree. Patrick was kind enough to review my manuscript and offer his review;

"Who knew that a book about grief, loss, and a parents' worst nightmare be so shot through with life, encouragement--and humor?
Having had to say good-bye to a Partial trisomy 9 daughter at age 15 days, I will never forget the experience of helplessness before the suffering of your smallest, most precious, most exquisite little one. Leticia Velasquez has gathered together a moving selection of stories about how good people handled bad medical news; about the sudden surge of courage (usually segueing into a marathon) in the hearts of new parents faced with unexpected circumstances; and about the sanity-inducing reality of prayer.

If someone you love (perhaps you?) is hurting over the severe physical impairments of a child, hand them these testimonies to the power of Christ's terrible, tender love. At a time when so many of these little persons are in the cross hairs of a culture of death, Velasquez has fought back with grace and elan. Read on and find out how.

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