Friday, December 23, 2011

Why we wrote this book

Author Tamara Mussella bought ten copies of "A Special Mother is Born" to share. She put one in her parish library. This was a note she received two weeks later. We wrote this book for exactly that reason to move people by our stories and inspire them to help women facing a prenatal diagnosis. 

Dear Tamara,  
I picked up your  book when I went to check on the parish
library.  I hadn't planned on reading the entire book, but before I
realized, that is exactly what  did.  Your account of Mary Faith's birth was
beautiful.  I cried when I finished your chapter.  Would you write a short
review of the book and it can go in the Bulletin under the parish library
  I am sure there are couples who are facing this choice.  

A Blessed Christmas to you all. 

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