Friday, July 27, 2012

I was interviewed on Sirius Radio's Catholic Channel

On Tuesday, July 17, Gabbi and I took the train from Long Island to Manhattan and walked in 96 degree heat to Rockerfeller Center where the Sirius XM Radio Station is located. I was scheduled to be interviewed on the Catholic Channel by Sr Marie Papas on her show "Pathways to Learning".
My first experience of big time media was when Michael Coren interviewed me on his show in Canada. I filmed the live interview at the CNN building in Lincoln Center, with a remote camera in a tiny studio, and I was quite nervous. This time I was a big more relaxed, however, Gabbi and I were struck by the contrast between my interview with a Catholic nun and the hard core rockers who were in the other studios. She was taking photos of the famous autographs on the walls and literally bumped into Howard Stern.
When Sr Marie walked in, I greeted her with, "You certainly are counter-cultural here!"
Sr Marie laughed and led me to her studio, where she impressed me with her eloquent introduction of my work and interesting questions.Sister graciously discussed my book A Special Mother is Born. and encouraged her listeners to purchase it.
 If a get an MP3 file of the broadcast, I will post it here, but the response of the many callers from all over the nation was enough to show that this topic of parenting special needs children is indeed an important one among Catholic Channel listeners. The stories were encouraging, and a man from the Archdiocese of New York talked about an upcoming program, "Diana's Hope" which will provide outreach to mothers expecting a special needs baby.

I hope to see Sr Marie Papas again soon, it was a pleasure doing a show with her.


  1. I downloaded your book to my Kindle. REALLY liked it. I am one of the special mothers...does my heart good reading about the various (positive) life experiences arising out of acceptance and love.

    1. Only one thank you for sharing this, it does my heart good to know my book is accomplishing its purpose.