Sunday, July 17, 2011

Endorsement by author Barbara Kralis

'A Special Mother is Born.' provides timely information and experiences regarding the Down syndrome child.  Reading Leticia's useful resource will open new doors while empowering parents, educators, legislators, who may have a whole new world of questions, to meet the varied needs of these exceptional children so they are not less valued according to society's beliefs and conventions.
 This book contains up-to-date information for new parents, enabling them to become familiar with the latest resources which help children with Down syndrome to have meaningful, natural relationships and productive opportunities they deserve to develop confidence and talents - to be all they can.  Many such kiddos attend college; have fulfilling careers and relationships, because research has increase a thousand fold over past years.
 'A Special Mother is Born' will help each of us to embrace these remarkable people whom God has entrusted to not only their natural parents but to all of us.
Barb Kralis, Freelance Journalist

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