Sunday, July 10, 2011

Endorsement from Catholic author Patti Maguire Armstrong

This book is not just for families of special needs children. Not by a long shot. There is truth, love and joy in these pages for everyone to draw on. We are all disabled; all needing help and all falling short in one way or another.  

During my years as a writer, I’ve interviewed many parents of special needs children and come to understand that special children bring special blessings to their families. Again and again I’ve seen the transforming power of these children. While mental and physical abilities below par are seen as a handicap, the world often forgets to weight the power of a loving heart and innocent soul. In such an equation, which of us is really handicapped?  

Today, when so many end the life of an unborn with abnormal chromosomes, my heart breaks for them. They choose to turn down a blessing that would have expanded their hearts and souls and better prepared them for heaven.   The stories will touch your heart so that you will come away thinking: they (or we) are so blessed!
  Patti Maguire Armstrong is a Catholic Speaker and author. Her articles and books can be found on

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