Monday, July 18, 2011

Endorsement by author Christine Capolino

Leticia Velasquez is a devoted and courageous mother, one of the rare breed who nurture their less-than-perfectly-predicted children and receive far more than could ever be expected in joyous reward. By publicizing her own family’s treasure, she inspires others to embrace the fragile lives that will enrich their own.
Sister Marie-AndrĂ© Wilson, SCMC, Teens of Pro-Life Club, Academy of the Holy Family, Baltic, CT     

A Special Mother is Born is a remarkable and joy-filled collection of inspirational families and their special needs children. The world has declared war on these children because they considered them a burden.  However, Leticia Velasquez shows the world (through the many touching real-life stories from modern-day warriors within the Church Militant) that love always conquers.  This book is an incredible motivational tool that brings about the essence and sanctity of life.”
Ched Salasek, father of six, one of whom has Spina Bifida, and Family Advisor at the ADHS Office for Children with Special Health Care Needs.

In addition to beautiful and heartfelt accounts by Mothers of children with a variety of special needs and sincere accounts of their increased faith through their families' journeys, readers will be blessed by a wealth of information for all ages on related topics. Leticia Velasquez's collaborative gem, A Special Mother is Born, should have a place of honor on the shelves of ALL parents. 
Christine Capolino, homeschooling Mom, writer, columnist for Mater et Magistra Magazine and Catholic

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  1. Leticia,
    Congratulations on your upcoming book...I can't wait to read it. Thanks too for all you do to support life in your own family and beyond. I'm sure this book will touch many hearts.
    May God bless you and Our Lady of America keep you!