Saturday, July 16, 2011

Endorsement by children's book author Josephine Nobisso

The sincerity, frankness, and, ultimately, grace-filled joy of these essays by parents with special needs children will speak to every heart in that they touch on every aspect of the experience.  Readers facing the news that they are expecting a special needs child will find honest echoes to their own range of emotions and thoughts. Families living with or having lived with a special needs child will nod, weep and even chuckle in grateful recognition.  Those who have never had the experience will come away informed, uplifted and enlightened. And those who have harbored fear, resistance--or even worse--toward the reality of this aspect of human life will likely have their hearts and minds changed forever. 

--Josephine Nobisso, author of The Weight of a Mass, Take It to the Queen, and Francis Woke Up Early

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